Day 3. Teacher I've read some posts before start to write mine.. so I understand how it difficult to be a teacher... It's really a very big job! Unfortunately nowdays we loose interesting and respect to teachers. Government don't maintain the good salary and people don't want to be a teacher. Someone can say that this job isn't good, that you should choose something useful, something that can give you more money. But what must I do if I like children ,if to be a teacher give me enjoying?! Try to get something own.. yes, probably .. private lessons or school are one of the best way.. I'm feeling this situation very well because I'm a teacher, a music teacher... It's much diffecult 🥴 it's not popular now.. everybody can stop and say, it was stupid to became a music teacher...but I can answer. I do know that it's very important give children of music education, because music it's something amazing,mysterious. It can teach us to imagine, to love, to feel,to have a deep feeling.. it's really important to our life especially nowadays, when we go through the days,months and can't stop and see our wonderful world,our family and of friends... Guys, our life is so short spend your time with attention. Go and say right now you close friends or family member that you loves them.. the care and atantion are most important part of our life. There are treasure.❤️🙏
Dec 3, 2020 4:00 PM