#moreфон2020 DAY 4/30. MOON The satalite of our blue planet is always something mysterious for people. It's the closest celestial body and it can be discovered with naked eye. Ancient people associated it with different stuff like precious metals (Silver). Also, according to some legends, full moon caused transformation of werewolves. I've noticed there are many people who are into Harry Potter and I'm absolutely sure you remember the story about werewolf Remus Lupin (btw, 'Lupin' in Russian is know as a flower but it came from Latin word 'Lupus' which obviously means 'wolf', and everyone who watches 'House M.D.' rememer the disease 'Lupus Erythematosus'. Perhaps everybody knows it, but I've written it to write as more as possble) and Harry's godfather and animagus sirius Black. You might remember that in some cartoons the moon was represented as a piece of cheese because of its craters on the surface which look like holes in cheese. The Moon definitely plays a role in our life. In order to replace coal/oil-fired power plants some contries use energy of tydes which are caused by... moon (section 'Thanks, cap' No 100500). What are your association with the moon? Maybe you've been promised the moon or asked for the moon? Or something happening once in a blue moon has occured and you're over the moon? As for me, I was really over the moon this summer when my dream came true and I graduated from the Univerisity!
Dec 4, 2020 11:30 AM