Now I have healthiest relationships with food in my life. Do you wanna I teach you?)) The most important rule is: I didn't feel guilty about any food I am eating. When you can absolutely calm about food, you do not want to eat only chocolate or cakes (for example). The second important rule is: No matter what I weight, I eat to eat enough. I eat more in certain days of my cycle. And less in other day. I try to listen my body and if I wanna eat ice cream — I go and eat ice cream (even after a hard meal)😁 My latest achievement is to stop eating when I'm full. But it don't work good enough when food is very delicious 😅 Anyway, good luck 🍀 3/30
Dec 4, 2020 1:34 PM
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Have you heard anything about Tema Lebedev's diet? :p
December 4, 2020