Thalis Cervantes
Slang de México CDMX (Mexico City) It's important to say that most of this words have several meanings, but I'll just write the ones I use the most. Cabe recalcar que muchos de estos tienen muchos significados, yo solo pongo los que uso más. Chido = cool, awesome, nice, okay, good. Gringo =person from the United States Chale = Damn. Like what you say when something turns out different than expected. Neta? = really? for real? Could also be used as affirmation. No manches = no kidding, don't u say Gacho = not cool, or if you say it to someone it means that person was mean Órale, orales = means wow Aguas! = Beware!! Be careful! Also could mean move!!! Golpe avisa!! = Move asap (or ur gonna be hit) Güero, güera = it's like a way of calling people usually used in the markets. Ahorita = this one confuses a lot of non natives. It literally means "right now", but it actually means in a while, or could even mean never. It depends. Tu casa = my house, but consider it yours. Applies for other stuff, not just houses and it means you are welcome at any time (for real) Anyway, if you'd like to talk more about this feel free to contact me. I looove this topic :)
Dec 5, 2020 6:44 AM