Kady Michel
Community Tutor
This is where I live. A place of great wonder and some difficult things. A place that can fill your heart with joy and breal you in the same breath. This is Africa. A place of amazing beauty and abject poverty. The west says they can save Africa. I say we should save ourselves. We come from the Earth and we are one with the ground. If we could only turn the ground to our will for abundance, we could make the world a better place. I love Africa, for the dark, the light and all of the complexities inbetween. I love Africa, my home. The great heart.
Dec 5, 2020 3:11 PM
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Wow . I'm looking for an English partner.could you help me
December 6, 2020
It doesn't matter where you live, it matters what you think about...🌝
December 5, 2020
How to join the lesson
December 6, 2020