Theta Healing and human free will. Yesterday my friend told me that he was ashamed to order pizza delivery, because the pizzeria is in the next building. He feels like a lazy hog, because he can go there himself. And he is also embarrassed to take 1 ruble change, because it is so ridiculous and stupid. And if he tells the courier to keep the change for himself, then he feels like an arrogant nobleman. I looked at him from the side and thought: "Oh, what an unplowed field here! If you were in my theta-hands, I would make such a superman out of you, yeeeah." Sometimes I just want to pounce on each person like this, screaming:: "LET ME HELP YOU!!" 😄 My theta-colleague has the same wish to help everyone. We talked about how great it would be to theta-heal all people in general and how awesome it would be. And after that, all the people around would become so pumped up, everyone is fine, everyone is happy and successful. All 7.7 billion people. It won't work like that. Not all people want to change, not everyone wants to work with their feelings, fears and illnesses. And not everyone is ready. Even our friends and relatives say something like "ok, let's try, but later" or "well, no." 😅 We need to learn to respect and accept the will of each person and give people a choice. Learn to be more patient. We can change this whole world when it's ready. Until then, we can start with ourselves. ☺️🌸 #moreфон2020 #moreфон2020_italki
Dec 5, 2020 4:12 PM