Day 5. Today I am at home and only walked alone for a little bit so it's much better to tell you about the place where I've been yesterday. In September one of my friends told me something interesting. It turned out there is an English club in Tambov and it is not just a club, it is a very friendly community. But what really shocked me is the fact that there are a few Americans who live here and they and some Russians organize meetings of the club. I mean we have a lot of students from Africa who study in my city and we are used to this. I also used to hang out (and I still do it) with a few foreign students but almost all of them were from different African countries. Only one girl was from Germany but she lived and worked here only for 6 months (it was some exchange program). But I've never thought that some people from USA and Europe would like to live permanently in a small and (let's be honest!) pretty boring city in Russia. So I have been in this club a few times and it was really cool! We played, talked, drank tea and ate homemade cookies☺️🍪 There are a lot of people from different countries including Russians who learn English. Yesterday I forgot to take a photo so this is a picture that we made 2 weeks ago when we met together to say goodbye to our American friend May (she went to USA for holidays). I am on the right side of the photo, hiding😁 (Feel free to correct my mistakes:)
Dec 5, 2020 5:46 PM
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Wow, that's cool. Both speaking club and the fact that you have an opportunity to speak with natives.
December 5, 2020
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December 5, 2020