As we're talking about fragnances today, I want to share with you an aroma of home-made pastries))) But I'm eager to tell you about what happened to me today ☺☺☺ It seems I passed a very important exam today))) Exam of real conversation with native speakers. Uhh, I'm still exited! So, I was a real interpreter today. Even had a reward for my job🤑 As I already told you, I work in a hotel where a lot of foreigners are settled in, even now they are locked in my little city. I'm the only English speaker among the staff, so my knowledge are often useful, and I'm so grateful for this amazing possibility! But today... I really proud of myself today. I met guests, gave them excursion around a hotel, talked with my old friend about this and that, gave some advices about learning Russian, solved a few work questions and, as a cherry on a top of a pie, I showed my city and did shopping with an amazing American woman. (And yes, I also have my usual work done😄) Sometimes I doubted if I really need to keep learning. Well, the rest of staff are able to work without English. But there's a large But. It's so cool to be useful. It's so cool when people looking for you to ask or say something, when they come just to chat with a fresh person, when people I admire and respect - respect me in response))) And, guys. I've made a lot of mistakes today. Both in this post and in my speeches))) But I understood and was understood - isn't it the point?))) I'm so grateful to Dmitry More's blog, Moreфон and the best Community for easy and catchy lessons, inspiration, support and a a lot of fun together!!! ❤❤❤
Dec 5, 2020 9:20 PM
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That's great experience! And these pastries look really tasty 😃
December 6, 2020