#moreфон2020 DAY 6/31. cREaTivItY Hi, the community! According to the Longman dictionary of contemporary English creativity is 'the ability to use your imagination to produce new ideas, make things etc'. Many associates with word only with Arts, music and paintings, etc. But it's not as real a thing as this one. We are all creative in our own way. We use our imagination almost every day to produce, for example, this marathon. Every day we rack our brain to write some lines, to pick out a follow-up picture for our text which fully or particularly matches our thoughts. It is creativity. This skill also helps us in a job. In science, for example, creativity aids us to make up new methods of conducting research and bring out something new in the world. And we don't need any painting or musical skills. Creativity is not about skills and talent, it's about our mind. I believe that when we even make a copy of a document we use our creativity for an instant moment. Taking part in the marathon I've come across a plethora of different interesting people. And we can get something from each other and develop ourselves. Maybe it's more effective in some ways than reading self-development books. Stay creative! Have a good one! #moreфон_ italki
Dec 6, 2020 11:02 AM