Cyrill Human
Day 6 I haven't eaten or drunk for the whole day today. I do that at least for one day every week. Why might you ask me? That's my way of giving my body a break for a bit. When you stop eating it's a signal for the body - it's time to clean yourself up a bit. Time to get all those toxins out of the system. All the dirt, all the things that don't belong there. We eat so much shitty food (excuse my French) that our body don't have the time to get rid of all of that. We consume more than our bodies could handle. Nowadays eating has become more than refilling your energy after a hard-working day. We eat when we're sad, broken up with our bf/gf, or just because we're bored. We eat not because our body needs it, but because it's tasty. Salt, sugar, spices. Take them away and you probably won't eat what's on your plate. We're food junkies, but nobody talks about that. It kills more people than your hyped corona virus. Silent killer. So my motto nowadays "eat less, live longer". Google about fasting. Good stuff. Will save a lot of money on doctors and pills. I don't take any pills, by the way. For a long time. I don't even get sick. Max a running nose. Maybe I'm lucky or I've always eaten not much. Idk, but it is what it is. Stay healthy, guys! #moreфон2020 #moreфон_italki
Dec 6, 2020 9:50 PM