Le Phuong
My name is Phuong, I am fourty years old. I was married, my family has my mothers, my husband and my three children. My mother name is Cham. She is seventy years old, she was a teacher but now she is retiring. She isn't tall but she is good looking, She has a long and black hair, has brown eyes 👀. My husband name is Nhu, he is thirty-three years old. He is military because he always does not stay at home 🏡. We met fist when we traveled Da Nang city. I have three my children. First my son name is Dung, he is twelve years old, he is seven grade, second my daughter name is Minh,she is nine years old, she is four grade and my baby name is Quan, he is 4 years old, he is very cute. I love ❤️ my family so much. I wish we are healthy and love together 💞
Dec 6, 2020 10:07 PM