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Let's get it on. Big time! If English learning ends up becoming a bit monotonous, adding the spices of idioms, interjections, and slang, can help motivate you afresh and rekindle the love for the language. And I have found no better source for acquiring those spices than in movies and television series. So let's get it on. One of the benefits of learning language from movies, is that you see the spices used in the context of a person(s) acting, so you really get a feel for, not only what the words mean, but also how they feel and impact the characters in the movie. On top of that, an added bonus is that you remember the spices easier - big time! With joy, excitement and fun, learning becomes is much easier.
Nov 24, 2021 6:25 PM
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That's true for other languages too, thanks for the reminder :)
November 26, 2021