Alne du Plessis
Hello everyone😁 My name is Alné and I am from South Africa. I am a community tutor on Italki.🤩 I have the following courses available, which I believe would help to practice your General English and your speaking skills⬇️: General English course🅰️: My students will improve their speaking, reading, writing, grammar, pronunciation, listening and spelling skills in no time! Conversational skills course🅱️: My students will gain new vocabularu which they can use in conversations with other people, they will learn how to pronounce English words correctly, they will how to use a clear accent when speaking English and they will also learn how to use the correct sentence structure and form when speaking in English.😁 I believe this courses will benefit you very much!🤩 If you are interested, go and book a lesson with me😀 I am looking forward to hear from you and meeting you!🥳
Nov 25, 2021 7:54 AM