Write an email to apply to participate in a volunteer program named "Aiding rural development" Dear Sir or Madam, As a senior student coming from the countryside, I would like to engage myself in the upcoming “Aiding Rural Development” program. With my experiences of part-time job of teaching a middle school student English near the university, I have confidence in enriching the kids’ knowledge in English who live in rural village, not merely in reading and writing, but in listenning and speaking as well as broadening their horizons via introducing outstanding western cultures to them. Apart from instructing them with foreign language, the liberal education will be provided to those who have little chance to acquint with extra-curricular activities, such as developping their habits in singing or reading due to it’s importance to their life journey. I would highly appreciate if you are so kind as to give me the opportunity to help those in need. Looking forward to your latest reply!
Nov 28, 2021 4:33 AM