Please, correct my mistakes! This spring I passed FCE with grade C. I was preparing for this exam during a year with a tutor. I had lessons twice a week, did my homework, (thanks to the lockdown I had plenty of time)so these efforts helped to improve my level of English a lot. I should admit that I wasn't satisfied with the result of my exam. It was kind of a letdown, because I was expecting B grade minimum. Although I was missing only 1 point till grade B. Well, it was a lesson for me. There's room to grow. Now I keep studying on my own by watching TV shows, youtubers and reading articles in English. Yesterday I started watching "Doctor Who" and I wonder how this marvelous TV show passed by me. There are lots of really interesting collocations there. One more thing which I want to make a habit is writing in English everyday. This one might be a problem, however I'll try by making a challenge for myself which will last for a month. So, from 28th November till 28th December I pick any topic or question and write it here. Hope this would help to achieve my goal of C1 level in English.
Nov 28, 2021 11:52 AM