Hello everyone, i am looking for someone who is native speaker and will help me with my English practicing. I need to improve my oral speech. Pls, write me
Nov 28, 2021 6:38 PM
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November 30, 2021
Hi Sarah. I'm a native English speaker from South Africa. and I would love to go on a leaning journey with you. You can book a lesson with me
November 29, 2021
Hi Sarah. I'm a professional teacher and I can help you. Go to my profile and book a lesson. I look forward to meeting you.
November 29, 2021
Hello Sarah! I would love to partake in improving your English skills! Whether this be improving your English conversational skills or improving your English vocabulary! Please feel free to contact me and book a lesson so we can get started on improving your English skills, step by step we will see an improvement in your English and I can promise you that.
November 29, 2021
Hi Sarah I’m not native English but I’m looking for an English partner to practice speaking skill with Message me if you’re interested
November 28, 2021