Professional Teacher
Here's a story about fear written recently by Fred, who is one of my French adult students. Great work Fred! When I was young, under ten years old, I went camping with my best friend and his older brother. I was a little nervous because I had never gone camping before. We camped in the field of his grandfather. I thought that he was a strange man, he was spooky. When the night was arrive, I was petrified in my sleeping bag because I heard all the nature sounds. Then I heard a dog in the next village, I thought “he is going to bite me” or perhaps is it a wolf or several wolves. Suddenly I saw something move in my tent, I went pale because I thought “It’s a dangerous snake!” In fact, it was just a cockroach. So if there is one cockroach maybe there are hundreds of cockroaches under my tent! Then I felt a hand which touch me a voice which said “Fred wake up! It's eight o’clock, we have to leave the field soon, get up! At this moment I understood that the most terrifying things lived only in my mind.
Nov 29, 2021 11:28 AM