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今日热词分享 Today's buzzword to share 精神内耗 mental internal friction 指人们过度思虑、过度担忧的精神状态,这种状态会造成疲惫、影响决策甚至导致失眠。 The state of mind where people think and worry too much to the extent that it causes fatigue, affects decision making and even results in insomnia. 举个例子: A: When encountering a little bit of things, I will think a lot, and I often think about it over and over again. In severe cases, it may even affect sleep. B: Oh, boy. I think you are suffering frommental internal friction. 当人们处于精神内耗的状态,也可能会引发一系列的负面情绪 When people are in a state of mental internal friction, it may also cause a series of negative emotions ——焦虑anxiety,自我怀疑self-doubt,沮丧frustration,抑郁depression。 对于“精神内耗”你是怎么看的呢? So What do you think about "mental exhaustion"?
Nov 29, 2021 3:27 PM