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I'd like to speak about the most famous animal to be found in Australia: the Kangaroo. They are forty millions more than the local population. They are part of the marsupials. The marsupial is an animal who has a pouch where the embryo continues its development after its birth. In the case of the kangaroo, the joey stays forty days in her belly, and after it goes into the pouch by himself and it is fed by its mother for two months. After that, it stays two hundred fifty days in the pouch. The kangaroo eats herbs and as the cow, he ruminates. The female only has one baby a year. The kangaroos live in groups. They are as tall as man and weigh between Fifty five and Seventy kilos. They like water where they can find plants and are good swimmers. The fur of the male kangaroo is reddish brown and the female blue grey, the joey too. The kangaroo’s life expectancy is between twelve and twenty five years.
Nov 30, 2021 10:32 AM
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Hello, Tatiana, thank you so much for sharing with us some knowledge about kangaroo! It is very helpful indeed! Please feel free to participate in more activities here in our communities:)
November 30, 2021