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1⃣WIFI热点、2⃣信号、3⃣流量 1⃣ WiFi热点:hotspot 我们所有的餐馆里都有wifi热点 There are wi-fi hotspots in all our restaurants. 2⃣ 信号:signal 信号很好:perfect reception 信号不好:poor signal/reception 没信号:no signal/reception 我手机在这接收信号很差 My phone has a poor signal reception here. 3⃣ 流量:data 无限流量:unlimited data 没流量了:out of data 简单的说,越来越多的手机浏览网页意味着更多的数据流量。 Simply put, more handsets capable of browsing the web means more data usage.
Nov 30, 2021 4:36 PM