JUST A DIARY ENTRY ON May 16th. I would like someone to correct my diary (or to tell me a more natural way of saying some of the things below. But I would be happy even if you JUST CORRECTED my entry). Here, I might write in spokenbEnglish, because I want to improve not just my writing skills, but also my speaking skills. Could do that for me, please? This writing is typed by me with bluetooth keyboard because this app is not available on the laptop, like macbook or ipad. Why this app is going to be not good? I really want to use this app on the laptop, and then I do post the writing like this everyday more easily... oh well it’s going to be off the main track. Today I am going to show my dream which I have had recently. About 3 days ago, I decided to go to school where I can learn design Web site, this job is called like web designer, in your country correct? Ok, so anyway I am going to the school in a week. I was so exctited to learn about that, because I have been interested about web page, like how is is made? How long week is this web site made? This study is fascinated to me...
May 16, 2021 10:23 PM
Language Skills
English, Japanese
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