Антон Борисов
Day 5 I have wanted to write about my last vacation but it may be a too long story. Therefore, in the firs I will write about the place itself. And in the nearest notes I will write about my trip. I think it was interesting trip. I rode on my motorcycle more than four thousand kilometers, rode on a horse by mountain for 7 days, swam on a very fast mountain river by kayak and saw one of the wondering places in our planet. My story is about Republic of Altay. Altai is a mountain place that placed in Russian Federation at three borders with Kazakhstan, Mongolian and China. There are no so many peoples and many mountains, rivers and field. There is only a one small town and no one fabric that could pollute an environment. Most people live in mountain villages and they have an earth for growing vegetables and many lamb and cow. There is the road that Nation Geographic magazine called one of ten the most beautiful roads in the world. It name is “Chuiskiy tract” and it is more over than 700 kilometers across the republic and them end is in Mongolia. There is a second biggest mountain in Russian federation. This mountain calls “Belucha” and it high is four thousand five hundred meters. There is a one big lake with very glasses and clear water. This lake calls “Teletskoe”. There are many other beautiful places all over Altay. I hope I could exhibit this wonderful place a little. In the next note, I will write about prepare for this trip and them first das that I spent on my motorbike by the way to Altay.
Oct 3, 2020 6:33 PM
Антон Борисов
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