Heyyy I'm Hana I'm 16 years old..sooo I went to talk about my experience in swimming which is one of best thing that I did in my life ,well I have started swimming in the year of 2015 I thing and I was very very bad in swimming but after the time I improved my skills and I became a talented one! And I'm broud of me haha, and also in this coarantine I decided to develope my English so i started to wach such great amerecain movies and series like prison break ... So I gave myself a little bit of development maybe 5/10 I really want to be a native speaker :(.I also do such a good painting even if I'm not good 😂but I always try to drow some paint .I also really enjoy watching videos of organization or something like that because I really love that ,I hope I could read some books but sadly I always get bored after reading almost 10 page :( Since I have not big sisters my mom teach me how to coock and make dishes with good taste and I am in love with ckitchen it's just amazing . When I don't feel good or I'm not in my mood I just get out of my window and look at the sky oh my good I feel soooooo comfortable I really love sky and stars and evrything about space ,I also enjoy to play with my little brother but not all the time because he's kinda ennoging Anyways this is what I can do for my free time *-*
Oct 6, 2020 9:09 PM
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Arabic (Maghrebi), English
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