Hi friends. I gonna to have a speech. The theme of that is fight with Cornavirus. Here is my lecture. Please help me correct it! Thank you everyone. I am grateful to all of you for letting me. Today,I lecture the topic is: you will never walk alone! This speech is dedicated to those who have fight against the epidemic,to those who have not returned,to those who are still fighting the virus. You will never walk alone! The beginning of the 2020 is different than usual. No fireworks,no parties,no Spring Festival atmosphere. Instead,cordn lines,warning signs,the green disinfection boxes,surrounding us. Cities are closed,streets are closed. People are stuck at home with fear. It seems that all of a sudden the whole country lost its vitality and prosperity. Painc sweeping,darkness doming. But there is a voice calling us from the dark. He says:"Get up,my fellow citizens,we should fight together!" This is a war! This is a war with virus,doubts,fears,rumors and discriminations. This is a fierce and cruel war. But don't be afraid. You will never walk alone! With our own spirt color and civilization,we come together in different places,in different warmth,in different lights. we fight together! No matter how exhausted we are we fight together! No matter how many difficulties in front of us we fight together! No matter how dangerous it is we fight together! And now we has battled the worst of the problem.Dawn is here! Unblock cities,unblock streets! Society back to normal. But we also made great sacrifice. I know some of you can not back home, I know some of you lost your business I know some of you even lost lost your beloved ones. But what we do not lose is our faith,our courage and our confidence. We as a brave Nation,do not lose our spirit! We have benn on this planet for over 5000 years. Never has there been a disaster to bring us down. Because we live in a community of shared future for mankind. You will never walk alone!
Oct 8, 2020 2:41 PM
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