Антон Борисов
Day 11 Today, I want to write about music, about types of music. Also, I'm going to touch a theme about quality in music. What types of music do you prefer? Maybe, do you prefer a classic music or a rock music? Maybe, do you prefer a modern rap or a techno? In my opinion, it does not matter. I kind on music but I don't like to listen to a strict range of music. I can find s interesting and good track in any kind of music. In different period of my life I have listened very different music. At one time I was listening to a death metal and industrial. At other time I was listening to classical music and rap. I think when people are making music they are not thinking about type of this music. A tag will be sticked further by label and music store. Music with a tag is structured easier, it is advertised easier so it is sold easier. I am not speaking about conspiracy theories I have only told that is easier so it will be doing. In my opinion, it does not matter, and we should not separate our flavors depends on it.
Oct 9, 2020 6:14 PM
Антон Борисов
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