My last trip was 5 month ago I traveled to rewari from gurugram in lockdown that was 10th day of lockdown when h visited to rewari I goes there because I was staying in my pg at gurugram in lockdown but after 9 day of lockdown our pg owner stoped giving food to us he was also in trouble because of lockdown all the income sources were closed so he had to stop that so we mange our one day food from a shop near us and after one day we have to go home but my home is far away from my pg so I chose to go with my friend at his home he is from rewari he is vere kind so he allowed me to stay in his house for 15 day but after that the lockdown is still increasing so I made a decision to go home on my bick that was approximately 200 km so it took 4 hours to reach home but instead of going home I goes to the hospital to check my corona that was founded negative at that time after that I finally go to home and meet my family members that was a happiest moment for me and my family to see each other
Oct 10, 2020 12:06 PM
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