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Historical buildings demonstrate culture of a city and the nation of that city but are they not proper places to live now days. That’s the reason why some people believe historic buildings must get destroyed and be replaced by modern buildings. I think we should not destroy them all and we can keep the most precious ones as treasures of old times. Cities are known by their history and things that has happened through years in that area. Old structures are souvenirs of past times which we need to keep them as the cultural sign of cities. By exploring historical architecture, archaeologists discover facts about ancient times, their technology, way of living and habits. So we should preserve our valuable survivors and take care of them. On the other hand, in this new era people need more modern and practical places to live in, whereas old buildings are occupying places in the city. Developers must find a solution for this matter by making a new city beside the old one like in Paris or define some buildings as the most precious ones and keep them safe and destroy the rests. Overall, we can’t just destroy them all just because they are old. In conclusion there must be very serious decision made about historic culture of a city and bring a stability in architecture of cities and life of inhabitants.
Oct 10, 2020 2:55 PM
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