William Mou
My birthday is on the tail of autumn, mostly on the same day of Cold Dew, and it's time to start winter after First Frost one of other twenty-four solar terms. Born in cold dew, it is suitable for storage, and it matches my character. Because of this year’s National Day holiday, I finally have the opportunity to have a birthday at home in three years. When I was young, I always wanted to take a look at the outside world and travel far away. Up to now, probably due to age, I feel that staying at home is good: a few family members, a few home cookings, a few homely words, warm enough, enough to make people nostalgic. Looking back, I realize that from the moment I opened the door of the world, I began to worry about the creaking wooden door in my hometown. Although it no longer exists in the physical world, it is still in my heart.It is still waiting for me,after school and pushing the creaking wooden door. There are always fragrant meals at home, warm lights, and the busy figure of my diligent grandma,my parents who are about the same age as me now—the words of my family, the chasing of my brothers.All this seems to be yesterday... Looking through the window, the grandmother of my child planted a cherry tree in the backyard and arrived at the window on the second floor, which can shelter my room from wind and rain.The Bougainvillea is still old,strong and luxuriant. The newly-introduced chili peppers are hung with a few fiery red peppers, which are like mother's red scarf, very festive and beautiful. Looking up silently in my heart, although some relatives are no longer alive, some are far away in the sky, some are lying in hospital beds, and some are at a loss... But they are always in my heart, love-let us be together forever!
Oct 12, 2020 2:09 AM
William Mou
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