Hey there! I am currently reading a book written by a Turkish psychologist. It is called “Therapy Rooms Topics”. The book is fascinating! It helps me to understand things clearly and to put everything in place in my mind. For instance, there is a case. It says: one woman came to a psychologist intending to do something for herself and make better her life. And psychologist started to talk about her marriage, children, and home. She complained that why psychologist talks about them because her aim and reason to come to a psychologist is herself and her needs. Here we are! She sees herself as a separate member of her life. I mean she at one side, and her husband and children on the other side. See how difficult the situation is? It happens with us as well. I am not married. But I have experienced it in my little world too. P.S. Understanding is the key. After that, we can solve any problem. #psychology #therapyroom #bookreview
Oct 13, 2020 12:40 PM
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