Thr word,"Environment" is not strange to anyone. It is our environment that surround us all around. But, sorrow only few one talk about it. Our life depend on this little word.What we will do with our environment in the next fifty years we don't know. Environment includes all living and non living things. Books,chairs,tables,peoples and all such things join together to make environment. What are the reasons due to which environment is getting worse. Among different kind of pollution,air pollution,water pollution,soil pollution are at the top of the list. The reason of air pollution are both natural and unnatural like volcanic eruption which cause fire in forest due to rise in temperature. But, more environmental pollution is due to human activities.It is very important for us to know about green house gases. When we burn fossil fuel for the acquisition of energy carbon dioxide,nitrogen oxide, and such gases involve in to the environment, and in the presence of sun these gases react and increase the temperature of environment. The use of fossil fuel in vehicles creat carbon monoxide,nitrogen oxide which is badly effecting the environment.As far as interference of industries and factories are concern, every second three hundred and ten kilograms of chemicals are entering into air,water and soil which are the reasons of death. Various harmful chemical of plastic enters into human body,are the cause of cancer like disease. Unnecessary horn weakensthe hearing aid. Collective effect of pollution includes head ache,lack of oxygen in blood,eye diseases,heart diseases etc.
Oct 13, 2020 5:14 PM
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