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. Training and mobilizing health personnel: WHO is aiming to train millions of health workers, via its Open WHO platform. Thanks to this online tool, life-saving knowledge is being transferred to frontline personnel by the Organization. The World Health Organization provides trainings and workshops for the control, management and contingency operations in the Oman during pandemic COVID-19. 1. Ensuring vital provisions reach frontline health workers: Personal protective tools are extremely important to make sure of health professionals can save lives, including their own. While at the beginning of the contingency, WHO support included quick shipments for minimum initial needed things of testing supplies and personal protective tools (PPE) for Oman. 2. Conducting research and plans to confront COVID-19 in cooperation with the Sultanate: The essence of WHO-Oman working together in the fight against the COVID-19 lies on the rules of internationalism, actions based on science and research. Engagement in worldwide study, solidarity trials and other collaborations to plan for COVID-19 infected patients' preparation, evaluation, management, surveillance and response strategies. 3. Helping Oman to respond and prepare: WHO has provided a COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Program to Oman, which identifies the prime actions need to take, and the resources needed to carry them out. The plan, which is updated as new information and datum improve WHO’s understanding of the features of the virus and how to respond, which was acts as a evidence for Oman during pandemic COVID-19.
Oct 17, 2020 6:56 PM
Khamis 123
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