Вадим Борисов
#moreфон2020 We can stop outbreak of COVID-19 if we will be using old proven methods. The stop of outbreak of smallpox in Moscow 1959-1960. Alexei Alexseevich Kokorekin - artist, 53 years old was staying in India. He was attending the ceremony of cremationof a brahman who died from smallpox. He arrived in Moscow 1959 December 22. He gave souvenirs from India to his relatives and friends, and then his temperature increased. Then Kokorekin was taken to the hospital of Botkin. Alexei Kokorekin died on 1959 December 29. The artist's body was opened in the morgue and it was discovered that he had smallpox. The hospital, all the members of hospital and all people who were in communication with Kokorekin sent to the quarantine. Many government departments, including KGB were looking for all the people who communication with Kokorekin. One friend of Kokorekin, who flew to Paris, was taken from airplane with all passengers this airplane and sent in the quarantine. The foods and materials in the places of quarantine were sent from State reserve by special trucks. Moscow was also closed due to quarantine. The last who suffered from smallpox was discovered on 1960 February 3. There were 10 millions vaccines received from Tomsk, Tashkent and Krasnodar by the order of the USSR government. On 1960 january 25 were vaccinated 5 559 670 citizens of Moscow and more than 4 000 000 citizens of Moscow area. There was the greatest total vaccination in the World. There were 44 days from outbreak of smallpox to the end of smallpox. The smallpox outbreak resulted in 45 persones who were infected and 3 dead.
Dec 7, 2020 3:11 PM