Day 8 Changes Every day we make decisions from small to some globally affecting our fate. Every decision is a change. A few years ago, when I wanted to change something, I dyed my hair or somehow changed my image ( as if from a change in appearance, you can somehow change the problem, although sometimes some small detail changes it) but okey, now I totally realize that if you want to change something - change it right now, there aren’t other opportunities, no another Monday and it is better to change yourself inside (mentally), free yourself from accumulated negative emotions, change yourself and your life for the better, change your job if you don't like it, break up toxic relationships, drop out of university if you don't like it, change your surroundings, change the country if your soul requires some changes. Feeling free and fresh - more important that be in comfort zone
Dec 8, 2020 4:06 PM
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hi solomyash
December 8, 2020