Today, I decided to move all my posts, which are connected to the moreфон 2020 here. It is good to follow diary in the Instagram, but nobody check it. I really need some corrections since my English is weak 😅 Post from December 2 This is me) Hi! I'm Yara, and I've decided to take part in #moreфон2020 . Today, looking for something interesting for improving my English, I found this marathon. The main idea is to post foto with an English description daily and check mistakes in others' peoples' posts. So, my first photo is a little bit playful and crazy . It reminds me of my trip to Las Vegas , which was around 2-3 years ago. People here are in happy and not wearing masks. I hope the current situation will improve soon and the masks will not cover our faces and our smiles anymore.
Dec 8, 2020 8:35 PM