I'd like to speak with you. So boring... Ok. I'll tell you about my reason why I prefer to speak with women. I'm married. And I not an adventurer. What about flirting? No! Not more than we can afford ourselves when we make a compliment to a shopkeeper. Do you think I believe in friendship between a man and a woman? No way! Never! But there are a lot of borders that help me be sure that it'll be safety. What about speaking with men? Not for me! Do you think it is fun to have a conversation between two strangers who are not old friends and they have different goals? Yes, different! I'd like to improve my English and he'd like to speak Russian. Totally different goals... But it's our nature - to show our best side when we see an unfamiliar woman. Everytime we're trying to be better. Why? Because it's normal. So when I have a possibility to speak with a woman it's a possibility to be better. To be better in English. To be better as a friend. To be helpful... Ok. I should repeat. I'd like to speak with you. The best way it's a Skype meeting. What do you think about a new conversation partner?
Dec 8, 2020 10:02 PM