Day 8. At the moment when I'm publishing this I look quite the opposite of the girl in the picture, as I'm juiced af with trying to come up with an appropriate topic. The suggested one is "changes", and that's what this whole morethon thing is about to me, so let's agree to equate "changes+changes" with "permanence", "stability", or whatever you call it. There's a joke about my face in 90% of photos: ctrl+c, ctrl+v. That toothy smile which always looks the same. Another thing remaining unchanged is that I try to make faces as much as possible: my range is narrow, so it all looks the same anyway, but I do my best. These permanent aspects of my pics are kinda controversial, as the first makes them unnatural, while the second does the opposite. I value the second more, as naturalness is key to happiness and an absolute treasure in all spheres of life, I believe. It makes you more honest with yourself. Ain't I repeating myself from the 2nd post of the challenge?
Dec 9, 2020 6:30 AM