Rashmi Senarathne
I think you all know about this book, 'Pollyanna' written by Eleanor H. Potter. It's a very interesting book and I'm not going to tell about the book. I want to write about Pollyanna's glad game. And I'm not extracting this from the book. I mean I'm not taking words or any phrases from book. Last monday in one of a mindful program someone tolled this glad game and I listed it very carefully. Now, I'm trying to remember it and tell into to you. So there was a girl who named Pollyanna. She lived with her father and they were poor. There were some rich families and they give gifts and needs to the poor families.In one Christmas Pollyanna got a chance to write to them that what she need. So she wrote she need a beautiful doll. After while in Christmas she got her gift pack. She was very happy and her father and she opened the gift. Once she opened the gift she saw that there was a crutch not a doll.So she cried and cried. Her father was pety to Pollyanna and said in a kind voice, 'hey, look at this.. you've to be very glad.don't be sad.' Pollyanna asked that why I want to be happy? And her father went on. 'Look Pollyanna you don't need a clutch. Because you can walk. You can walk among those who use clutches that cannot walk. So you can be happy, you have both two legs and you can walk.' Then pollyanna agreed that, yes I'm very happy that even I have two legs and I can walk. So this how she developed this activism. In fact, the glad game is only thinking about the positive side and be happy. Rather than thinking about the things that you don't have, Enjoy what you've found. May be someone doesn't have lots of thing, but he is very happy because he is not thinking about the things that he doesn't have. He is enjoy himself with what he has received. It's also give your mind a healthy healing. I don't know whether I explained it well or not. And I think this is what I hope to tell you, just make your life happy. And there is a series of Pollyanna book. I've read 1 to 3.
Oct 7, 2021 5:01 PM