Jon Maracchioli
I'm back and now I'm going to continue write the posts. First time they'll be about by day and life but with the time I'll try to write the patio with some interesting intimation from the IT world. I really have possibility to do this because of my long experience in Android development. Here I'm looking for improving my English skills and I'll be glad of getting some feedback about my text. So it's the time where I'm going to office again. The real is we didn't get the salary because of we've lost the main customer. I think it's not the best idea to visit office without money from them but it's interesting to get some information about the situation. From another side is not difficult for me. If I were found the new job three month ago I would stat now with full packets of money. I used to write the article but not in using to stay at home without using the metro so because if this. I have no free time to write this. I've got an idea to practice grammar rules which I got by searching English lessons. The text above was written ten days ago. And it's a little bit about that day. Here's the photo of my laptop.
Dec 15, 2020 10:30 AM