Can you check my grammar please ? I have worked on two projects. The first one was in the logistic sphere. This project provides an opportunity for retailers to save money on product refunding. For example. Someone has a sneakers online store and some customer (for example customer's name is Jack) ordered sneakers in this store. And when Jack received the parcel, he is noticed that the sneakers have some kind of defect. Jack decides to return the sneakers to the store. But returning is expansive for the retailer because the store is located in England but Jack is in Japan. In this stage, the retailer says to Jack, that if he wants to return his sneakers, he should go to the special site and fill in some form where Jack should specify information about his product and where is he living. Based on this information, the site looking for the closest warehouse where Jack can send his sneakers. After filling the form, Jack gets a label with QR-code and warehouse address. He can go to the post-office with his parcel and label and just sent it. When the warehouse receives the parcel, it can be resold or destroyed. It defense on kind of defect. The project owner gets a profit on saved money on delivery.
Dec 15, 2020 2:45 PM