Day 15. It is only a half way of moreфон today but I feel pretty tired already (probably because I write too much almost every time). Today I'd like to talk about healthy food. I admire people who eat only wholesome food and I want to be like them. But the problem is there are so many temptations around us. You can order a pizza at any moment (thanks God, except for the night), junk food is everywhere and even when it comes to supermarkets 70 or even 80 percents of goods there you shouldn't buy if you try to eat only healthy food and especially if you want to lose weight. I like fruits and vegetables but it's really hard for me to say 'No' to a pizza or a cake 'Napoleon' 😅 And sometimes I let myself eat them. That's what I call "guilty pleasure"😂 But actually healthy food also gives you some kind of delight, mostly mentally ('I am eating broccoli, not candies, it's low calories and good for my health, I feel how I'm losing my weight already' 😅). That's some of healthy food that I eat: 1) oatmeal porridge (usually with frozen berries but here it's dried strawberry); 2) pancake made of oatmeal with tomatoes, cheese and parsley; 3) boiled chicken, broccoli and cucumber. I think the most important is to make healthy food the main nutrition but sometimes it's allowed to indulge yourself and eat something bad but tasty (but don't do this very often!)
Dec 15, 2020 2:53 PM