Day 15 #moreфон2020 #moreфон_italki Hi, everyone who is taking part in this moreфон! Hi, there who just came here and has no idea what I’m talking about. What’s moreфон? Why are you using English and Russian in one word? Are you zaboлел? Thanks, I’m okay 😊 Can’t complain. So, if you see this word the first time – moreфон – I’ll explain it in short. Moreфон is a marathon for everyone who wants to learn and use English, and also it might be helpful for searching for new friends. The idea of the moreфон is easy: you should write something in English every day. At least five sentences. From 1st Dec to 30th Dec. And now the 15th day of this challenge that means we’ve done half of the work! Amazing! Can you believe it? When we started we were so small and weren’t sure what would happen…but now everyone is here – on the 15th day of it. This moreфон has changed everything. Someone met new friends. Others found a lifelong partner, married and had children. I’m always told I never exaggerate anything. Today I just want to remind you about another amazing thing. (Do you remember that I decided to talk to you about 30 amazing things in this world?) It’s consistency. It’s very important. Also, I can call it mini-habits. Have you heard about it? For example, if you want to read many books, but you’re not used to reading, you can start from 5 minutes a day, but every day. If you start from 50 pages a day, you’ll give up it, I guess. That’s why it’s necessary for applying mini-habits. I’m sure the moreфон is the same. We write several sentences, but every day. We tame our inner lazy person; we tell him “hey, buddy, it’s not scary to write 5 sentences, see?” We overcome the fear. The moreфон is about good habits. What can I tell the marathon’s participants? Keep going! You’re breathtaking! P.S. No, you’re breathtaking!
Dec 15, 2020 6:45 PM