Day 13th — December, 13th I tried to sort out the #confusion with that site mentioned above, but I barely managed at least just to transfer everything to my new computer, #letaloneanyprogress. However, as I already told in that post, these're not my problems and this wasn't me who was their culprit. We played with "The Stars" in @mozgva_msk again, and fought a #widerfront than the last time, when, I remind you, we won. However, we took only the #3rdplace🥉. We had every chance to get to the 2nd one, but I doubted one of the questions of the final round and erased the correct answer. But it's even better, because surprisingly the #prize for the 3rd place's much better there than for the 2nd one. We won a #discount in again, although not by 15, but by 10 thousand rubles. So we'll be learning collectively how to form a #personalbrand now. #moreфон_italki #неразбериха #неговоряокакомтопрогрессе #широкимфронтом #3место🥉 #приз #скидка #личныйбрэнд
Dec 15, 2020 10:31 PM