I've had dogs my entire life. The only disadvantage of having one is it doesn't live long. My last one (a kurzhaar) lived with us for 13 years. This is a huge period if time! Of course it's enough to attach to it. I mean him. His name was Joy. My dad used to be a hunter so he decided to get a dog for hunting (the second one). Deutsch Kurzhaar is a German Short Pointer. It was easy to describe how he looks to people who didn't see him before. I called him a Dobermann with floppy ears :D He left only positive feelings and funny memories.
Dec 17, 2020 4:51 PM
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Good boy 👍love it☺️
December 17, 2020
So sweety dog 😍 we have one friend kurzhaar))
December 17, 2020
Yeah, pets are cute! And yes they live too short life. I had a cat. It died from an unexpected heart attack the day before yesterday. I hadn't imagined it would be so hard to accept that lost...
December 18, 2020