Hey y'all. Solar day 17/30                      Pets Corner        There is a printer in the office where I work. Two years ago we had a big problem with it. There were a lot of cockroaches inside of the printer. When we printed some important documents or drawings, sometimes there were squashed cockroaches on them. It was a little bit annoying.        We took the printer apart and cleaned every part. We put poison against cockroaches in the printer. Everything was in vain. The number of cockroaches was going up every day. Then I came up with a great idea. There was a coworker that always wore too much perfume in the office. I took her perfume and sprayed it up inside of the printer. No one told her about this because we all wanted to live. In two weeks, all cockroaches disappeared. Yeah, cockroaches got owned, and I was a hero.        Unfortunately, now she doesn't work in the office that's why I can't take a picture of this perfume and show you. I only remember that it smelled like oranges.
Dec 17, 2020 5:32 PM