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Hi all! I am working on a project collecting fairy tales and folk tales from around the world, and I would love to hear from you! The goal is to create an anthology of authentic stories told by people from various cultures -- my purpose is not to take your stories, but to help you express them in English exactly as you want them to be expressed. What I can offer you: I am an English tutor on italki, so essentially this is a free lesson in Conversation Practice/Writing for you -- but I get to choose the topic of fairy tales/folk tales ;) I have worked as a writing coach for several years, helping both ESL and American students with their writing, and I am happy to pass this knowledge on to you during our meeting. (Side note: I am not able to take on new regular students at this time) I am especially interested in hearing from people from communities and cultures with smaller populations and who have historically had less of a voice! Looking forward to collaborating with you!
Dec 17, 2020 7:49 PM
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Let's talk
December 19, 2020
Hello I want to practice with you
December 19, 2020
I have alots of Arabic tales I will send them to you after translating to English
December 18, 2020