Kuzneteov Artyom
Post in English #moreфон2020 Day 17/31(383 day) Pet Hello, let’s talk about our smaller brothers, about pets. I had a lot of pets in my live. Now my parents and I only have a dog left. I had cats, carrots, fishes, another dog and hamsters. I love pets very much. I remember how I wanted to have a dog and constantly asked my mother about it. But something was always in the way. It’s fun, but when it appeared I didn't want to take care of the dog anymore. And to be honest I don’t want to have a pet in the near future. I want to travel a lot and it will be a little difficult with a pet. Okay, now let's talk about my pets. My dog’s name is Alya (Аля) and full name is Alma. I won’t talk about her a lot, because I already wrote about her in my post in Czech. So, I want to talk about something sad now. Two years ago I had a cat. His name was Kuzya. Unfortunately, he died and it was such a stupid death. It’s terrible when your pets can die when nothing at all foreshadowed trouble. He was an impudent fellow, but I loved him all the same. I'll probably leave it at that, for now, goodbye. P.S Love and cherish your pets, good luck to all and bye
Dec 18, 2020 11:58 PM