Cyrill Human
Day 18 "The ones that are hardest to love are the ones who need it the most." Have you thought about why bad people are bad? Were they born like that or they became like it? Why are they the way they are? Usually, those people are the most miserable people in world. Most of them had a rough childhood. There probably was no love in their family, so how are they supposed to give away their love if they don't know that it is? The other day I've watched a movie called Peaceful Warriors. There was a scene where two guys were drinking at a pub. After puking in some dark alley, they were approached by 3 guys. One of them was wielding a gun and demanded for their wallets. The puking guy said "You picked the wrong guys" He thought his friend would lay them all out. It didn't happen, even though he could have. The puking guy was so confused. They threw their wallets to the muggers. As the thugs started going away, they were called by the martial art guy. "Didn't you forget our watches?" asked the martial art guy. The muggers stopped. Turned around and went back to them again. The puking guy asks him "That's where you're gonna whip their @sses, right?" "Or maybe I should've said Dan's watch, I don't have one" Says the martial guy, showing his bare wrists. Later, they give out everything to their robbery, leaving with only their underwear on. They're going home like that. The puking guy is furious. "They could've killed us, they could've killed us" he yells at the martial art master. "You could've kick everyone of their @sses. What were you thinking?" "The ones that are hardest to love are the ones who need it the most" said martial art master. What he meant by that was that we often see bad people as only bad. We don't see people in them, their worries, fears. They are those people who need love the most. #moreфон2020 #moreфон_italki
Dec 19, 2020 12:38 AM