Day 19/30 Coffee I don't drink coffee. Not because I don't like the taste, I do love the taste and fragrant, especially coffee with milk or cream...I will simply feel bad if I afford myself to drink a cup of good coffee. Have you seen cartoon "Over the hedge" (Лесная братва), there was a squirrel who became way too excited and energetic and hectic after one sip of coffee, he started rushing around, talking too fast and shaking. With me it is the same. Heart rate becomes quite high and hands start I enviously look at my friends in cafes who order and enjoy good coffee...That's why I prefer tea, green tea is better or matcha! Also there are some people who claim that they can't live a day without a cup of good coffee, they are soooo coffee lovers and coffee experts and obsessed with coffee! For me it is a bit annoying. I think it is an exaggeration. Oh come on, you don't die if you don't drink coffee today! And here are especially for coffee addicted coffee idioms and phrases: - wake up (stop) and smell the coffee; - coffee break; - coffee in, coffee out; - let's talk over a cup of coffee; - cold coffee (slang for beer) I wish everyone's cup is filled with the drink you like and hearts are filled with warmth!
Dec 19, 2020 6:45 AM