Can someone help me with this two writings? PRODUCT REVIEW The product arrived more soon than I expected. It tooks only four days to arrived. It looks nice, more expensive and better quality than others I had, and it`s also cost only 30 €, but it tooks me long time to understand the user's instructions; I feel very upset whit that, in contrast my cat is very happy with his new toy, so I recommended it to everyone and I bought it again. E MAIL PERFECT HOLIDAY Hi Su! Finally we couldn’t go to France because we don’t want stay out of Spain during covid pandemic, so we decided go to my village and meet the house were my mother born, it’s now an amazing hotel. The views are so beautiful, like I remember. At night, we went to a small restaurant with a spectacular menu about sea products, you must go there. We came back at home yesterday because we are going to go to a concert tomorrow. I hope you're ok and see you soon.
May 24, 2021 11:51 AM
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Hi Patri. Could you repost this in exercises? It makes the corrections easier. PRODUCT REVIEW more soon = sooner took with no 's' arrive with no 'd' "others I have" or "others I have had" depending on whether or not you still have them "it only cost me 30€" or "it only costs 30€" took with no 's' typo "with" EMAIL PERFECT HOLIDAY outside of Spain sounds more natural 'the' covid pandemic 'discover' the house where my mother was born would be better than 'meet' "a spectacular seafood based menu". we came back home (or returned home) yesterday...
May 24, 2021 12:38 PM
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