Felipe Escudero
Community Tutor
Today was a complicated day... I had my online classes as always, nothing special to be honest. Today is my second week using iTalki and it has been excellent so far! My speaking has been improving a lot since then. I’m being pretty optimistic about the future and not only because it represents a huge opportunity in my life, also it represents big discipline and the importance of learning about new cultures is fulfilling my life more than ever! With COVID-19 I had to cancel some of my New Year’s resolutions and it became such an awful experience when I had to, but now I understand the importance of the tools we got- such as platforms like iTalki that gives us the opportunity to practice from home and the opportunity to learn new languages. When this lockdown started I was depressed and the fact that I was not able to have my interchange program in Canada put me down, because that was willing to be my opportunity to learn the language and experience something different; Moreover, I’m just a teenager that is currently learning how to manage my times and it wasn’t easy for me to get rid of this lazy attitude that didn’t let me start my English practices before, When the pandemic was just starting my dad gave the advice to study English, he told me that the opportunities where going to worth it and I regret I didn’t take that advice before. Now I have my eyes looking toward my university entry and one of my goals I set was to be fluent in the language; Anyways, I think that’s not going to be possible due to the fact that I’m still learning how to manage my words and set everything in the correct order; Nevertheless, I think the most important part of learning something new is how to manage yourself to enjoy it- the most important part of learning something new is that it’ll become your life, your worries and your happiness... your stress and your diligent work on it, but remember that own satisfaction is the key for any success! Never give up =)
Oct 16, 2020 10:41 PM
Felipe Escudero
Language Skills
English, Spanish
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